About HKDA

Brief History of the HKDA

The Hong Kong Dental Association (HKDA) was established in 1950 and was formerly known as the Hong Kong Dental Society, until 1973 when it was renamed to the present name.

From the outset, the Dental Society has been dedicated to raising the awareness of dental health. In the past, regular meetings included presentations of clinical case studies by members and leading experts in the field. In addition, the Dental Society organized and held a free evening dental clinic for the poor, with the necessary equipment supplied by the Medical and Health Department.

The members of the HKDA are committed in serving the public's interest. In June 1953, the Society conducted a systematic review on water fluoridation. The final report recommended the addition of fluoride to local domestic water supplies.

The HKDA is an active dental society, organizing the first Dental Health Week in 1961. The function was widely publicized in both Chinese and English newspapers. As a result, dental health exhibitions and promotional activities have now become important events of the Association. Notable past events include an annual ball, held at the end of each year in prestigious venues. The Annual Dinner and Dance in the 1960s, was one of the most important social events of the year and was a very successful event.


Mission Statement of the HKDA

For the Development of the Profession

  1. To promote various collaborations with other stakeholders for career advancement and furtherance of Hong Kong dentistry through the provision of quality training pathways and continuing education programmes;
  2. To uplift the dental profession’s status and image through implementation of community dental projects in collaboration with the Government;
  3. To perform as the communication bridge between the local profession and the Government in the formulation of dental policy;
  4. To organize quality international/regional conferences;
  5. To represent the local dental profession to proactively participate in major dental events organized by the mainland and international dental organizations;
  6. To facilitate the maintenance of high standard of patient care in private dental practice through continuing educational programmes;
  7. To advocate work-life balance through organizing sports, social and volunteer activities and hence strengthen the bonding between colleagues.


For Meeting the Needs of Society

  1. To reciprocate our society by giving care through implementing community dental service projects launched by the Government, targeting different populations with special dental service needs;
  2. To raise the general public awareness of oral health care through promotional activities;
  3. To support initiatives that can largely help address the special dental service needs in society; and
  4. To explore the feasibility of promoting primary dental care including regular dental check-up among secondary school students through public-private partnership.